Elastic Dick Vibrating Delay Ring


Turn your dick into a vibrator!

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Vibrating Cock Ring Offer Pleasure to Both Partners
Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. A cock ring gives you the chance to satisfy both you and your partner. It has a soft bow tie-like projection that is made of silicone. The projection rubs against the clit as you thrust, offering both penetration and clitoral stimulation.


Our bodies have erogenous zones which are just a touch away from exploring. Sometimes, difficulty in maintaining an erection or premature ejaculation gets in the way of quality sex. However, you can redeem your heroism between the sheets by putting on a vibrating cock ring.

*Delay Your Ejaculation and Enjoy A
Stronger Erection with Our Vibrating Cock Ring*

Cock rings increase sensation, which makes sex more pleasurable. A cock ring restricts and slows blood flow to the shaft of your penis. Therefore, they help you delay ejaculation, which means a more extended period of intercourse with more sensation.
Have you been struggling to get or maintain an erection?
A cock ring can help you get a stronger erection. Note that cock rings are elastic, and thus, they stretch to fit your penis. So, you need not worry about getting it for fear of pain or discomfort.

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